On the Call for Unity

Now is the time for appositeness. Unnecessary words shall be shaved away.

To some, the consequences of last Tuesday are sanguine, if not celebratory.

To others, the consequences of last Tuesday are bleak, if not hopeless.

There are still more who fit somewhere in between, or on the outside.

It seems as if everyone is screaming over everyone else.

“UNITY!” is the cry of many of these people.

I fail to see how asking for, or even demanding, outraged and fearful groups of people to stop feeling afraid and to ‘unify’ will do anything.

Why do I say this?

It is impossible to unify when there is not equality; it is impossible to unify when one has not conquered the fear of death.

Fearful black people are being threatened by fearful white supremacists.

White people are being threatened by fearful black people.

And so on.

Fear is everywhere. Anger is everywhere.

Some whites feel justified.

Some Christians feel justified.

Some whites are afraid – if not for themselves then for their non-white brothers and sisters.

Some blacks are afraid.

Some Muslims are afraid.

Many of these fearful minorities feel dehumanized by this decision.

America chose a man who fear-mongered his way into the presidency.

The people groups he disparaged have been cast asunder the foot of white supremacy yet again – if they had not already been.

These groups are now frequently dehumanizing those who voted for Trump – whether because of his fear-mongering campaign or his campaign for white rural folk.

On both sides – on all sides – everyone feels justified over against the other.

Step outside your worldview. You do not have to accept another’s, or believe it to be accurate. But step outside your own for a little bit. Toy with a new idea.

There can be no unity between peoples until all are viewed equally.

How that will happen – if it will – before the Eschaton, I do not know.

It is easier to show what is wrong than to live what is right.

Please remember, all human beings are sacred.

As Nietzsche once said somewhere, “be careful in fighting monsters, that you yourself do not become one.”

Or something like that.

Grace and peace.


Author: Jacob

Stumbling after Christ.

One thought on “On the Call for Unity”

  1. From whence come true grace and peace and why is that source not mentioned in this “poem”? Quote Nietzsche and not Jesus and one moves no soul toward the one who will be at the heart and center of the name dropped Eschaton who is the only hope of unity in the present.


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